29 Jun

  1. Full name is Taylor Daniel Lautner 
  2. Birthday is February 11, 1992
  3. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  4. Stands 5′ 10½” tall (1.79 m)
  5. Nationality is French, Dutch, German and Native American
  6. Favorite food is steak and meat in general
  7. Favorite ice cream flavor is cake batter
  8. Favorite color is baby blue
  9. High school is Valencia High
  10. His younger sister is named Makena
  11. Dad’s name is Dan, mother’s name is Deborah
  12. Owns a Maltese named Roxy
  13. Taylor and his family live in Los Angeles
  14. Won multiple world champion karate titles by the age of twelve
  15. Used to hip-hop dance with LA Hip Kids
  16. Taylor does NOT have an official Twitter account. Additional sources: Truth Tweet | Rachelle LefevreTwilight Lexicon
  17. Taylor does NOT have a Facebook account. An official facebook has never been confirmed by a reliable source, so you should assume it is fake!
  18. Taylor’s MySpace account is tdl06, which is set to private. This id was posted on his official website at taylorlautner.com (this site is currently disabled)
  19. Celebrity crush used to be Jessica Alba, but is now Megan Fox.
  20. Detroit Red Wings hockey fan

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